Eth phd thesis

eth phd thesis 2016 radivojevic, milos from selective stimulation to single-spike detection: interfacing neocortical neurons with thousands of microelectrodes at subcellular spatial resolution.

Information for students if you are a student interested in writing a sustainability-related thesis at sustec, we are happy to receive your application including a brief motivation letter, your cv and your transcript of records. Doctoral thesis, zürich, eth-zürich, 2014 doi research collection impacts of land use on biodiversity: development of spatially differentiated global assessment methodologies for life cycle assessment. Current master and phd thesis projects for a current list of master and phd project openings please visit open positions unsolicited applications are welcome. Current subcategory: doctoral theses doctoral theses main content about twenty to thirty doctoral students complete their doctoral thesis at the department of mathematics every year doctoral thesis, zurich, eth zurich, 2018 doi research collection mathematical analysis of minnaert resonances for acoustic metamaterials.

See how we manage uk doctoral theses in partnership with uk universities read the guidance on creating and re-using thesis metadata, and find out what happens to your thesis when you complete your phd. Author title exam date wyss j multi-domain optimizations for highly efficient, active rectifiers in drive systems: 2018-09-28: jaritz m solid-state modulator for generating high voltage pulses in the ms-range with high output power. 2016 2017 2018 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 2018 anna katharina lechmann the subduction zone(s) of neo-tethys in azerbaijan province, nw iran e-collection nebis 2017 stefania cioldi.

Social data science systems dynamics and complexity agent-based modelling of social systems complex networks theses. Eth zurich : phd thesis (pdf, 133 mb) königseder, c (2015) a methodology for supporting design grammar development and application in computational design synthesis. Metastable helium source (semester thesis) l gerster, eth zurich, 2014 interactions in waveguide quantum electrodynamics a f van loo, eth zurich, 2014 characterization of coplanar waveguide resonators in parallel magnetic fields (master's thesis) f lüthi, eth zurich, 2014. Doctoral thesis, zurich, eth zurich, 2018 doi research collection experiments on asthenospheric kimberlites and a characterization of the letšeng-la-terae kimberlite.

Doctoral thesis, zurich, eth zurich, 2013 doi research collection life cycle assessment of swiss agriculture under climate change and the impacts of water use on aquatic biodiversity. Phd studies admission to the phd programs of the swiss federal institute of technology zurich is regulated in the regulation for doctoral studies at the federal institute of technology zurich (pdf, 131 kb) as well as the implementation provisions of the rector on the doctorate rules (pdf, 86 kb) (both pdf in german of november 1, 2013. Phd thesis, no 15712, eth zürich / university of sourth australia, 2004 molecular assembly patterning by lift-off at the micro- and nanoscale for applications in the biosciences didier falconnet. For fellows with good progress it can be extended for maximal one year to complete the phd thesis (decision to be taken by the cls steering board, without additional interviews) cls phd fellowships will be remunerated according to the rules of the max-planck society and eth zurich, respectively.

Master thesis topics of our group are listed in the d-usys data base, and documented in a pdf-file (as of february 2018) which is presented at the msc theses fair in february see also our research for further information. Doctoral thesis, zurich, eth zurich, 2017 doi research collection understanding the role of ice cliffs on ablation patterns and mass balance of debris-covered glaciers in a himalayan catchment. Architecture and civil engineering d-arch: architecture d-baug: civil, environmental and geomatic engineering engineering sciences d-bsse: biosystems science and engineering. Quantitative magnetic resonance flow and hyperpolarized metabolic imaging of the heart.

Eth phd thesis

Sept 2018 (diss eth nr 25437) co-referees: prof dr francesca calegari, center for free-electron laser science (cfel) and deutsches elektronen-synchrotron (desy) & pd dr lukas gallmann, eth zurich. Eth zurich dinstinguished seminar in robotics, systems and controls (151-0623-00l) focused study: selected topics in research and application in mechatronics (151-0138-00l) physical human robot interaction (phri) (376-1504-00l. Phd theses ke wu, financial markets in natural experiments, field experiments, lab experiments and real life (pdf, 45 mb), phd thesis at eth zurich (29 may 2018) sandro lera, constrained stochastic processes in complex socio-economic systems (pdf, 29 mb), phd thesis at eth zurich, 22 march 2018 lucas fiévet, nonlinear ensemble models to predict oil reserves and stock market returns in.

  • 2016 diss nr 23535 soumya swayamjyoti atomistic simulations to study metallic glasses: a microscopic investigation of local structural excitations.
  • Doctoral thesis, zürich, eth-zürich, 2007 doi research collection statistical decisions based directly on the likelihood function.

1997 polymer orientation in dilute solutions undergoing shear flow jacques charles bossart diss no 12085, zürich, eth (1997) efficient integration schemes for the simulation of polymer dynamics. Longitudinal assessment of functional reorganization of the rat brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging: development of imaging tools and application to models of spinal cord injury. The emphasis of your work will be to perform independent research, usually as part of a project the details will depend on the field chosen it is expected that you publish your results in international scientific journals and that you write a phd thesis, which will also be published. Doctoral thesis, zürich, eth/ department of earth sciences fluids and mineral deposits group, 2007 doi research collection the organic and inorganic chemistry of fumarole gases from three volcanoes: case studies at cerro negro and momotombo, nicaragua, and oldoinyo lengai, tanzania.

eth phd thesis 2016 radivojevic, milos from selective stimulation to single-spike detection: interfacing neocortical neurons with thousands of microelectrodes at subcellular spatial resolution. eth phd thesis 2016 radivojevic, milos from selective stimulation to single-spike detection: interfacing neocortical neurons with thousands of microelectrodes at subcellular spatial resolution.
Eth phd thesis
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